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Back from Boleros

The past two months in Virginia have been extraordinary. I am so unbelievably grateful for the opportunity to work on such a beautiful play with a tremendous ensemble of actors, a giving director, and supportive theatre company.  Barksdale Theatre is one of the most loving environments I have ever worked in. From the director to the stage manager to the designers and to the box office team. They have established such a supportive and loving environment that makes any actor feel she can comfortably create in.

We performed for 6weeks and had consistently full and responsive audiences. Bruce Miller is hands down one of the best directors I've ever worked with. He knows the material inside out, has a clear vision, and easily communicates to the actor. Simply put, he is an actor's director.

I'm back in New York now and readjusting to my life. I will soon be pounding the pavement once again and have some exciting possibilities lined up.

Reviews from the show:

From the Richmond Time’s Dispatch:

Rivera's 'Boleros' funny and poignant (an excerpt)

As the older Flora and Eusebio (and doubling as young Flora's parents), Patricia Duran and Jorge Alberto Rubio dazzle with their searingly honest portrayal of a couple who have lived and struggled and loved and fought for 40 years. Duran's Flora seems dried up, but she still has vigor and venom.

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From WCVE Public Radio Review by John Porter:

As the older Flora, Patricia Duran is amazing. She is able to dig deep into her emotional bedrock and delivers a performance that is both riveting and heartrending. If the path of greatness is paved with service, then she is a truly great person. She takes the downward spiral of her life in stride and uses her experiences to help other people find their own path. ...his scenes with Duran are the lifeblood of the show.

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